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Request Coverage

Scheduling Options

Option 1: Online coverage requests

  • RPh on the Go will set up your schedulers to manage the facilities for which they have responsibility.
  • Give your schedulers the opportunity to manage their relief pharmacist requests with a convenient calendar interface.
  • Schedulers can view the status of requested shifts, request new coverage or cancel requested coverage.

Option 2: Schedule your own staff, as well as request coverage

  • The Client Scheduling Tool allows a client to manage the pharmacy schedule for all of its pharmacies.  A client can choose to manage the shifts, schedule his or her own employee resources into the shifts or request relief help in filling the shifts.
  • Schedulers can add additional shifts to their pharmacy's schedule at any time.
  • Schedulers can choose to schedule (or fill) shifts with their employee resources at any time.
  • Schedulers can choose to fill these shifts with any resources assigned to their pharmacy.  They will be notified of conflicts.
  • Schedulers will see which shifts are filled (and by whom), which shifts remain open, and which shifts have had relief requested.
  • Schedulers can add additional resources at anytime.
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