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4 National Pharmacist Associations

  • November 9, 2010
  • RPh on the Go

As a pharmacist you will most likely be inundated with offers to join various local, state, and national organizations targeted at your profession. Joining one, or more, is a great way to expand your connections and get current information related to your field. The following four national pharmacist associations each have something special to offer industry insiders.American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, also known as the ASCP, works to help pharmacists provide better care for the elderly through medication and education about healthier lifestyles. This is a great organization for any pharmacist who deals extensively with an aging population or who wants to learn more about the specific needs for this type of client. As the population ages, people are going to be looking for a pharmacist who can cater to their specific needs. This is an excellent way to prepare and help earn your patient’s trust.

American Pharmacists Association

The American Pharmacists Association, or APHA, is the largest professional organizations for pharmacists in the nation. It was formed in 1852 and currently has more 60,000 members. The association provides the latest news about the industry, works to raise awareness about the vital role pharmacists play, lobby for beneficial laws and regulations, and help facilitate peer communication. This organization is a great all around choice for a pharmacist in any environment.

National Community Pharmacists Association

The National Community Pharmacists Association, or NCPA, is specifically for independently owned pharmacies. The NCPA is committed to helping these pharmacists increase their business, promoting their interests, promoting the health and well being of the clients, and garnering support from legislators who are creating new laws for the pharmaceutical industry. This is the perfect association for someone who owns their own pharmacy or who works for a hometown pharmacy rather than one of the large corporate chains. They also help facilitate student mentoring and can help smaller pharmacies recruit new pharmacists.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, or ASHP, is specifically for pharmacists who work in health establishments such as hospitals and long-term care facilities. The work to advocate for these pharmacists, provide continuing education, facilitate peer to peer communication, publish journals and other texts, and create better accreditation programs. This is an ideal association for those who are in a clinical setting or who are interested in this career path in the future.

Whether you are interested in joining an all purpose association like the APHA or you want something tailored to your niche such as the ASHP, there is a national pharmacist association that will suit your career needs. You may find that you like different aspects of several associations and would benefit from joining more than one. What is your favorite pharmacist association and why?

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