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Veterinary Pharmacy Jobs

As a veterinary pharmacist and pharmacy technician, it is clear you have a passion and love for helping animals.

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Just like humans, pets of all shapes and sizes get sick and need help from pharmacy professionals to feel better. RPh on the Go is here to help you find the perfect veterinary pharmacy job so you can focus on caring for the animals you serve.

Veterinary Pharmacist Jobs

Veterinary pharmacists play an important role in providing care to the animals they serve. This is why RPh on the Go is dedicated to finding and vetting your next veterinary pharmacy job, so you can focus on doing your job. Our staff is here to support your career and help you with any other administrative needs.

Veterinary Pharmacist Job Description

Traditional pharmacists consult with physicians when prescribing medications to patients and veterinary pharmacists work with veterinarians, but many of the job responsibilities are the same. Veterinary pharmacists dispense, prepare, and even provide compound medications to animals in need. They take inventory and work with pharmacy technicians, just like any other pharmacist would.

Before becoming a veterinary pharmacist, there are several requirements you must complete first. After receiving an undergraduate degree, an aspiring veterinary pharmacist must attend an accredited pharmacy school to receive their PharmD. Some pharmacy schools even offer courses in veterinary pharmacy. Once a degree is obtained, the veterinary pharmacist needs to receive proper licensing and credentialing for the state they intend on practicing in.

Veterinary Pharmacy Technician Jobs

RPh on the Go is dedicated to helping veterinary pharmacy technicians find the perfect opportunity, so they can support the animals in need of their service.

Veterinary Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Veterinary pharmacy technicians, commonly known as VPTs, need to become certified just like traditional pharmacy techs. The main difference is they are tending to animals instead of human patients. However, they still assist in dispensing and preparing medications. Veterinary pharmacy technicians also aid in taking drug inventory, compounding medications, recording patient information, and providing excellent customer service to animal caretakers.

Veterinary Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary information specific to veterinary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Veterinary pharmacists and VPTs can probably expect to make similar salaries as their counterparts working in traditional pharmacies.

Are you looking to broaden your skills as a pharmacy professional or are you a seasoned veterinary pharmacist or VPT looking for their next assignment? Whatever the case may be, start your job search for veterinary pharmacy jobs with RPh on the Go below.

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