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5 Simple Ways to Build Trust with Your Patients

  • July 25, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

pharmacist trust patientsAs in all medical professions, building trust with those you serve is one of the biggest responsibilities of a pharmacist. As a leader in the pharmacy, you must ensure that your entire team is doing their part to create a solid reputation for your company as a knowledgeable, friendly, caring corporation that has the community’s best interests in mind. Though there are a lot of ways to build trust with your patients, here are five simple things you can start to today that will help you to establish trust with current patients and those new to your pharmacy.

Know Your Patients and Their Needs

While you may have thousands of patients who come through your pharmacy, it means a lot to them and their trust in you when you speak to them by name and anticipate their needs. Keep thorough records and take a look at them before interacting to see opportunities to connect about past treatments or conditions.

Be Thorough When Counseling

Give your patients as much time as they need when discussing a new prescription or unusual side effect they’ve been experiencing. Take the initiative to offer them suggestions, walk the floor when they need advice in selecting a product, or just hear them out for a few minutes if they want to vent about their physical issues. Sometimes you’re the only person that they have the opportunity to talk to in a day and that time means more than you can imagine.

Meet Expectations Every Time

Ensure that your staff is managing the expectations of your patients properly. Be sure that they are giving accurate turnaround times on filling prescriptions. Have procedures and policies in place that should be followed when there is a conflict with a patient. Make sure the need for effective customer service is instilled in everyone who works in your pharmacy.

Reach Out after Negative Interactions

If you or one of your staff receives a complaint from a customer, take the time to reach out and try to make it right. Let them explain their personal stance on the situation, reiterate that you understand their concerns, and offer an appropriate apology and remedy for the problem. Though you might not win back everyone, acknowledging issues is a solid step in the right direction to building trust.

Follow Up Personally After Conversations

When a patient has received counseling from you on a new medication or condition or has had issues with side effects from their medication, call them to follow up and ensure that everything is going well for them. Set aside time each day to follow up with your patients who may need additional advice or simple some reassurance that their experiences are within the range of normal.

By taking the time to build trust with your patients, you’re not only creating a solid reputation for yourself, but also for your entire pharmacy. Put in the work to make yourself an invaluable resource for your community and you’ll have a more successful career as a pharmacist.

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