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5 Tips to Survive a Tough Day in the Pharmacy

  • August 31, 2020
  • RPh on the Go

No matter where you work and what job you do, you’ll have some days that are easy, breezy, and full of smiles and other days where it might be more enjoyable to get a root canal than be at work. Pharmacy life is so fast-paced, and the stress level can be very high when things are busy. Sometimes it seems like every customer who walks in the door needs a little extra handholding that you just don’t have time for. When stressful situations and difficult customers have got you down, here are a few tips that can help you survive a tough day in the pharmacy.

Take Your Breaks

It can be hard to walk away when you have a long to-do list staring you in the face and impatient customers waiting for their prescriptions to be filled, but taking a few minutes to regroup and grab something to eat is important. You’ll keep your energy level up and avoid the feeling of burnout that often accompanies a stressful day. Be sure that everyone on your team makes it a priority to take care of themselves, including eating well and staying hydrated throughout a stressful day. Even if you can’t take your full allotted break time, just stopping for a short time to refuel can make all the difference.

Delegate Tasks

If there are things on your list that others can do and they have time in their schedule, delegate those items out. When you try to do everything yourself on a stressful day, you’ll wear yourself even thinner and the quality of your work will suffer. By sharing the workload, you’ll free yourself up for the most important tasks on your list and make your day just a little easier.

Cut Down on Multi-tasking

Trying to do too many things at once is a surefire way to making careless mistakes. In a pharmacy, careless mistakes can end up with very serious outcomes. When you’re feeling stressed out and scattered, it is very important to only focus on one task at a time. Though it may take you a bit longer, the attention to detail will improve, and you’ll avoid costly and dangerous errors that could put your job and your customers at risk.

Eat a Snack

While overeating can cause a feeling of lethargy, healthy alternatives can keep your energy levels elevated and also improve your overall attitude. Caffeine from coffee is another option to boost your energy and productivity. Just make sure not to overdo it!

Look for Silver Linings

When you’re dealing with difficult patients, physician errors, and correcting the mistakes of others, it can be hard to find a bright spot in your day. Make the decision to see the positive in every situation and find silver linings on a difficult day. This conscious choice to not allow yourself to be affected by the attitudes of others and the problems of the day will help to make every day more pleasant, even when things are stressful and challenging.

Though it’s impossible to eliminate tough days from your life altogether, there are ways to make those stressful days a little more manageable. Take care of yourself, be aware of your performance, find something in your day to make you smile and those tough days will be over before you know it.

Feeling like you’re having more tough days than positive days? If these tips still don’t help, it may be time to search for another position. Check out our latest pharmacy openings through the button below!

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