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7 Ways to Get Inspired to Be More Active

  • September 12, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

active lifestyleExercise is so very important to both looking good and feeling good. In order to do your job of caring for others properly, you first need to take care of yourself. However, when you work in a demanding job with long hours, like a pharmacy, it can be tough to find time to get the workouts that your body needs. You will need to make a committed effort to fit exercise into a long work day, but it certainly can be done. Here are a few simple ways that you can get in a good workout, even when your time is at a minimum.

Invest in a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great way to get inspired to meet your exercise goals. When you can see your progress (or lack thereof) throughout the day, you’ll be inspired to keep those step counts moving in the right direction.

Find a Regular Class to Attend

Sign up for a workout class on a specific day and time that works well with your schedule. When you have a set class on your schedule, you’ll be more likely to push yourself to attend. Simply joining a gym and going to work out on your own just won’t give you the same kind of motivation.

Choose a Workout You Enjoy

Nothing is more motivating than finding a physical activity that you love. When working out becomes a chore, it’s harder to find the motivation to get active. If you don’t already have a workout that you prefer, try a few different things until you find something that sticks.

Take Advantage of Your Lunch Hour

If lack of time is what is keeping you sedentary, try squeezing in a quick workout during your lunchbreak. Even just a brisk jog around the parking lot for a few minutes is far better than nothing! Invite a co-worker to join you for some company and you can keep each other motivated to make it a habit.

Walk to Work or On Errands

Ditch the car whenever possible and walk to work or around town to do your errands. Not only will you get in some exercise, but you’ll also have the chance to appreciate your surroundings a little more. Just be sure to leave yourself enough time to get where you need to be!

Use TV Time as Workout Time

Turn on your favorite TV show and multitask as you watch. Rather than shoveling in a bowl of popcorn, get down on the floor and do a few stretches or climb on your stationary bike and pedal a few miles. You’ll get your TV time, plus your body will get the activity needed to be happier and healthier.

Challenge Your Coworkers

Get your whole team to work together to motivate each other! Start a challenge group and have everyone pool together a few dollars for a fun prize. Then record everyone’s workout progress over a set period of time and declare a winner.

Finding ways to get motivated to get more active is sometimes challenging, but it definitely is worth the effort. Think outside of the box to find ways to make exercise a little more fun and find ideas and activities that fit easily into your schedule. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself at a better fitness level and feeling better than ever.


Along with your exercise routine, make sure your work routine is keeping you healthy and happy. Think it’s time to make a change? Search and apply for a new pharmacy opportunity here.

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