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Blog: Pharmacy News & Industry Information - Page 57

Your go-to blog for updates in the world of pharmacy. Find pharmacy news, career tips, hiring trends and much more.
Heading back to where I started

The advantage of being a traveling pharmacist is the ability to make your own schedule. I think the last time I actually took a personal vacation was over a year ago. Of course, it was my own set design and not because I wasn’t allowed to take a vacation. Of all places I choose to […]

Walking over to the fountain of youth

Hello, my fellow readers. I have been away for several weeks doing volunteer talk to our senior citizens around the greater metro-Orlando area. I have been doing this for quite some time and it is a great opportunity to give back to my community. This speaking tour started seven years ago when an elderly man, […]

The Importance of Technician Certification

The pharmacy industry is more important in our lives than we realize; it is responsible for curing us when we fall ill and saving our lives through medicines and drugs. It helps us improve the quality of our lives by focusing on not just corrective medicine but also on the preventive kind which helps us […]

Pharmacists and pain management

It has been almost three weeks since Michael Jackson’s death and I thought the media circus would change to another topic. But it seems that there was a recent survey conducted by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacist (AHSP) to 200 pharmacists, who worked in ambulatory and chronic care practice, asking them if there was […]

Recession-proof pharmacists

Being a pharmacist means you will remain in demand for decades to come. It is a profession that is recession-proof and will remain viable as along people need medicine. I have looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and it stated that employment among pharmacists will grow by 22% through 2016. It is considered the […]

Travel pharmacy equals job security

Since graduating pharmacy college, I soon started to appreciate politics. If you work and earn a paycheck, you too should be concern what your government is doing. Whether we like it or not, we are inundated with rules and regulation that affects us every day of our lives. I have been getting emails from other […]

Traveling Pharmacy: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

Hi. My name’s Cyrus Pacis. I’m an RPh on the Go pharmacist and will be taking over the blogging here starting today. I started with humble beginnings as a pharmacist. I once believed getting a job and staying with that job till retirement was the norm, but I found it totally not fulfilling. Complacency is […]