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Choosing Pharmacy Continuing Education Classes

  • May 23, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

pharmacy continuing education classesContinuing education is a must of all pharmacists, as there are requirements in every state for license renewal. In some cases, there are specific courses you must take, while in others, you can choose the courses that are a good fit for your patient flow and interests. Whether you’re looking for courses to prepare for licensure or if you just want to increase your knowledge to become a better care provider for your patients, here are some continuing education courses that you should consider.

Courses That Apply to Everyone

Some courses are a good fit for all pharmacists to take and may meet the requirements of your state for renewing your credentials. Everyone should consider taking courses on these topics periodically to stay on top of trends and developments, helping you to provide better care for your patients.

  • Drug Abuse and Addiction Identification and Prevention – With the opioid epidemic ravaging communities, learning how to prevent and identify drug abuse and addiction is important for all pharmacists. At a state level, you should learn about resources available to you and what the procedures are when you suspect a patient is obtaining prescription drugs for an unintended use.
  • Alternative Medicine Information – Many patients like to try alternative forms of medicine to treat physical and mental conditions. Pharmacists should educate themselves on a variety of alternative medication options and gain a better understanding of how they work and how they might interact with prescription medications to help inform their patients.
  • New Medication Updates – There are constant innovations and new medications coming on the market. Regular education to learn about the drugs that you will soon have access to, as well as their interactions and side effects is one of the most important continuing education courses to consider. This will help to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on the medications your patients are being prescribed.
  • Patient Safety Courses – These classes help you to learn and refresh skills in dispensing and cross-referencing medications to ensure the safety of your patients. Even long-time pharmacists can benefit from a refresher to make certain that their dispensing skills and interaction knowledge are at the top of their game.

Look at the Needs of Your Community

There are many other continuing education courses that can be a benefit to pharmacists. Consider the demographics that you most often serve and the needs and struggles of these communities. Some may benefit from courses that cover an aging population and the unique needs of geriatric patients. Others may live in an area that suffers from a high rate of obesity or diabetes and courses that discuss insulin management might be a good choice. In many areas, certain types of cancer may be prevalent and coursework on the role of a pharmacist in chemotherapy could come into play. By looking at the ailments that affect your overall patient base, you will see opportunities to further your education and better serve your community.

No matter what courses you choose or are required to take, making time for continuing education will not only benefit your career but also will improve the quality of care that you can provide to your patients.

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