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FlavoRx Saves the Day with Flavored Liquid Medicines

  • November 2, 2016
  • RPh on the Go

flavorxFlavoRx recently announced they’ve reached the 100 million liquid medicine mark. The company works with more than 46,000 pharmacies and flavors liquid medications to make them taste better for patients. After all, many medications don’t have an appealing taste, and for children and adults who can’t swallow pills, it’s the only option.

The company produces many flavors, including cherry, mango, grape, strawberry, and bubble gum. This helps increase medication compliance not only because patients are more apt to take something that tastes good, but it also helps to increase patient satisfaction with their pharmacy experience.

When your pharmacy opts to use FlavoRx products, patients have the freedom to choose the flavor they want for their medication. This especially delights children, because they get to have a choice in the matter. Oftentimes, patients come to the pharmacy to pick up medication to treat an illness, and having a choice when they don’t feel well can make them feel a bit better. It personalizes their pharmacy experience, which makes them feel more valued and appreciated as a customer. As such, you’ll have a higher customer service satisfaction rating, too. The happier a customer is, the greater the chance they’ll come back to your pharmacy for future medication needs, and the more likely will they recommend your pharmacy to others they know.

Pharmacies that use FlavoRx products have access to an online flavor recipe library, so they can find what they need to customize flavoring to meet a customer’s request. There’s even an online tool to help you see which medications will work best with which flavor profiles.

For example, Abilify is well suited to work with apple, banana, orange, grape, and strawberry. Amoxicillin is best suited to work with apple, bubble gum, grape, raspberry, and watermelon. And guaifenesin works best with apple, cherry, grape, raspberry, and watermelon. Other flavor options include lemon, chocolate, grape gum, vanilla, sour apple, and grapeade.

Adding flavor to medication isn’t just about hiding a bad taste – though that certainly helps! It’s about helping patients, especially children, get past the potential trauma of taking medicine, and creating an enjoyable experience for pharmacists and parents, too. No parent likes having to force their child to take a “yucky” medicine, even if it is what is good for them. No pharmacist likes having to give a parent that yucky medicine, either. Choices make it easier for everyone involved.

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