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Gearing Up for Children’s Sports

  • February 13, 2013
  • RPh on the Go

Gearing Up for Children’s Sports

The upcoming arrival of spring means that many children are going to start playing cooperative sports. Educating parents about possible health concerns is just one step a pharmacy can take toward getting on board with sports season.

Address Medical Issues

Draft a pamphlet or flyer that alerts parents to symptoms of common ailments in children that partake in sports. These include everything from asthma, outdoor allergies, bumps and bruises to occasionally fractured bones or concussions, depending on the sport. Be sure to list local retailers where a parent can go to purchase safety gear for their child. If an eager sports player already has an asthma inhaler or allergy medication filled at your pharmacy, take the time to go over dosing and possible side effects with their parents. Using inhalers improperly can cause jittery, nervous behavior in some children. Be sure your pharmacy is well stocked with first aid kits, and highlight them in an area where patients will see them. Having a well stocked first aid kit is a value both on the playing field and off.

In your pharmacy’s literature, include questions that parents can ask of their child’s coach. These include the protocol for injuries, if there is adequate hydration available during the game, rest periods, and emergency contact exchange.

For patients with severe asthma, it is important to inform parents that a rescue inhaler may not always be enough. Nebulizer treatment may be necessary, and it is at a parent’s discretion whether to purchase a portable one or not. Having children know the signs of an attack, and being prepared with more than one rescue inhaler is the key to keeping a minor asthma attack from becoming a medical emergency. You can also help your customers prepare for sports season by holding a workshop on how to care for minor wounds as another way your pharmacy can get involved with children’s sports. Teaching parents how to respond to injuries in the event that safety officials are not available during a game or practice for any reason is important.

Get Technology on Your Side

If your pharmacy uses a smartphone app, encouraging your customers to download it can be helpful. For many busy parents, having their pharmacy at their fingertips is invaluable. Some apps include automatic medication refill services, clinic locators, or the ability to set a medication timer to remind them to take a pill on time. Offering solutions that best suit the needs of clients goes a long way.

Getting children into sports has many benefits, and for today’s family they are often managing multiple children on a variety of different sports teams. Being sure that your pharmacy has the tools and solutions they need for every possible situation is key to retaining customers and having them return throughout the year. How is your pharmacy preparing for sports season this year?

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