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How to Manage Stress as a Pharmacist

  • February 7, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

managing stress pharmacistBeing a pharmacist can be one of the hardest jobs. You are juggling so much in a day and if someone calls in sick, you are doing even more. Long hours, frustrated patients, delayed deliveries, and days in which nothing goes right can bring a person down and make feeling good about our jobs difficult. If you are struggling now, there are things you can do. If you aren’t struggling right now, we know you will at some point and these tips are perfect for you as well.

Good Old-Fashioned Therapy

If you are unhappy at work, depression can set in. If you have major life changes occurring at home, depression can set in. Depression can be derailing for anyone and cause them to avoid obligations and even things we enjoy. Get yourself a therapist right away! Having an unbiased person that you can sit down with and unload everything you are feeling and thinking is a great way to manage the harsh stress you are facing with. Even if you don’t struggle right now, get a therapist anyway. When life is going well, you can visit monthly and just keep that person updated on how you are doing. It works in such a proactive way that you can potentially avoid needing to see that person more often.

Take Care of You

You know just as much as anyone else that a balanced diet, hydrating the body, and getting enough sleep is fantastic for the health and for managing stress. If you are hungry, tired, and thirsty when a problem arises, you are more likely to be cranky and struggle through. When you make your own health a priority you can make better decisions. Trust us when we say that your patients are noticing it as well. Lead by an example to show them that when you tell them to take care of themselves, it’s not just lip service.

Take Time Off

Newer generations are less likely to take a vacation because they often feel like they can’t afford it. Take the time off! You are no good to anyone if you don’t take time to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. Our bodies are designed in that we need to rest so that we can feel functional. If you can’t take off work for a week, take a couple of days off. Build up to a full week later, just don’t avoid the downtime. When you do go on a vacation, make sure that you aren’t rushing around doing five million things in that time either. Sleep in for a day, stay in your pajamas in a hotel and eat room service all day, or take a hot bath to reset yourself. Your vacation should help you relax and not leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation time.

Meditation and Reflection

Try to spend a little time every day in a meditative state to relax the mind and leave behind the stress at work. Reflect on how the day went and find three things you can be grateful for. The act of meditation slows our heart rate, lowers adrenaline in the system, and soothes our muscles into relaxing. Finding three things you are grateful for should keep you motivated and moving forward. Especially on those hard days in which it seems like you can’t think of three things!

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