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How to Quit Your Pharmacy Position

  • January 7, 2020
  • RPh on the Go

pharmacy resigningEveryone is going to need to resign a position at some time in their life. Whether you’ve been offered a great job with better pay and benefits, you’re branching out on your own, or you’re taking a step back to escape a toxic work environment, there are some things you should do before resigning your pharmacy position. Being thoughtful and considerate as you leave a job is vital to your future success, no matter your reason for leaving.

Create an Exit Plan

Before you announce your resignation, be sure that you have a plan in place for your exit. Be certain that your new pharmacy position is solid. Know exactly what you are going to give as your reason for leaving when turning in your notice. Have ideas compiled about how you plan to help your co-workers prepare and any new hires transitioning into your position. All of this should be arranged prior to giving your notice to your employers.

Check Your Financial Health

Find out about any policies your current employer may have in regard to final paychecks. Also, find out what the turnaround time would be on your first check from your new employer. Make sure that you have enough in your bank accounts to carry you through until your new pay schedule becomes more regular.

Talk to Your Supervisor

Before announcing your pending departure to your colleagues, give your supervisor or employer the courtesy of telling them first. You may have already shared with a trusted friend in the business or someone you have used as a reference, but before the news starts making the rounds with the staff, be sure that your higher-ups are aware. Even if it’s expected that you’ll be resigning soon, giving the official word to your supervisors first is just the respectful thing to do.

Help Co-Workers Prepare

Even if your reasons for exit might not be the most positive, it is still important to leave on the best note possible. Help train new hires or guide other employees in learning how to take over the jobs that were your responsibility. Do your best to leave with things being comfortably managed, rather than walking away and leaving everyone scrambling to stay afloat without you.

Reach Out to Regular Patients

If permissible, give any regular patients who you have a good relationship with a heads-up that you will be leaving. It can be upsetting to regulars who have developed a relationship discover that their trusted pharmacist is no longer around. Letting them know of the upcoming change can help make the transition a little smoother for them.

It’s never an easy thing to leave a job, whether it’s for a great reason or because of a stressful situation. However, when you make an effort to create a smooth transition for everyone, you’ll be able to feel good about your decision and leave without any regrets.

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