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New York Drug Prices Differ Drastically

  • March 10, 2010
  • RPh on the Go

A team of public interest groups recently completed a comparison of drug prices across the state of New York.  The study focused on the consumer price for ten of the most popular drugs available. The research concluded that the prices for prescription drugs vary dramatically by location and provider.

In one county in New York, for example, the same Nexium capsules were found to range in price from $171.69 to $309.65. The New York Public Interest Research group added that the part of the problem is that many consumers are not aware that prices on prescriptions fluctuate by provider. Many believe that prices are the same everywhere and do not take to time to compare. The concern is that consumers may be less likely to fill and continue taking prescriptions if the costs are dramatically inflated by retailers.

The state of New York does offer a prescription price comparison website but the study found that most of the prices listed were outdated and the information was inaccurate.  The health department responded that a new website is currently in the works and that it will maintain more current pricing for consumer reference.


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