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Pharmacist Blogs You Should Follow in 2018

  • April 4, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

pharmacy blogs 2018One of the best things about professional careers is the wealth of information you can find online. You must be scrupulous and diligent in the process of finding good information. It is just as easy to find wrong information as it is to find the good stuff. We have curated a list of blogs you should take the time to look through and enjoy at your own leisure. There is also the added benefit that it costs nothing to subscribe to these blogs!

The Honest Apothecary

Jason Poquette is the pharmacist behind this powerhouse blog. The Honest Apothecary focuses on every aspect of being a pharmacist and the pharmaceutical community. You can learn more about the profession, how to build your career in pharmacy, interviews relating to the pharmacy, and just about anything else that relates to pharmacy. He writes very well and is quite engaging. He never writes in a “dumbed-down” tone, nor is he condescending or overly technical. It is the same as if you were having a casual conversation with a colleague. It’s meant for pharmaceutical students, those with a solid career, and those considering a career in pharmacy.

MedEd 101

Eric Christianson created this site and blog out of frustration at finding good information about pharmacy. MedEd101 features regular posts every several days to keep you well-read in regard to various situations a pharmacist may face. Pharmacy students are highly encouraged to follow this blog as well as those already in the profession. So much can be learned about pharmaceuticals that everyone continues to learn throughout their career. He can help educate you along the way and take care of your patients efficiently.

Pharmacist Steve

Pharmacist Steve can be blunt and a bit salty with the language, and he has good reason to. Steve Ariens is a retired pharmacist that worked in the field for 50 years. He worked in many types of pharmacies for the first 30 years and ran an independent pharmacy that included home health care for his remaining time. His wife is also a sufferer of chronic pain, and together they have powered through her roller-coaster life. He has witnessed firsthand how the healthcare industry has been failing at truly caring for those suffering. If you are passionate about your career and want to make real change, read this man’s blog! He can help educate you and be the voice for your patients while maintaining your integrity. Not only will you learn from him, but you may find yourself empowered to take on your own level of activism.

We hope you give these blogs a chance and see if you enjoy them as much as we think you will. Do you already have a favorite pharmacy-related blog that you enjoy reading? We love to hear more about the people sharing their wisdom and experiences in the field so please leave a comment with a link to your favorite. Nothing can be more empowering than the pharmaceutical community working together for the greater good and helping each other do better. Happy reading!


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