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Survey Shows Americans Want Pharmacies with Certified Technicians

  • December 28, 2016
  • RPh on the Go

certified pharmacy techniciansAccording to the 2016 public perception survey from The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), 85% of the public believes it is “very important” for pharmacies to have certified technicians on staff. They feel so strongly about this matter than more than three-quarters of them (76%) say they’d go to a different pharmacy, if for any reason, they found out the technicians working in their current pharmacy were not certified. Results show that among customers, 79% of the frequent pharmacy customers would look for a pharmacy where techs are certified, and adults with children at home were the most likely to look elsewhere, representing 82% of those surveyed.

This all comes down to the fact that customers want to feel safe – especially in terms of their health and the health of their families. They say they see many benefits to pharmacies requiring their technicians be certified – saying it helps ensure the accuracy of information and ensures they have the professional knowledge to do the job well.

The survey also showed that more than three-quarters of those surveyed (77%) believe that all pharmacy technicians are legally required to be trained and certified before they can prepare prescriptions, though the reality is that regulations vary from state to stay. Fewer than 25 states have regulations that even include certification, and those that do don’t necessary require it to seek employment. Five states have zero regulations for pharmacy technicians. Most likely, due to the high regulations surrounding doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, the general public believes anyone working in a pharmacy as a technician is subject to the same kind of legality.

This survey should alert pharmacies to the wants and needs of customers. If your pharmacy doesn’t employ certified technicians, work to have the technicians you have on staff become certified, or hire additional techs who are already certified.  Why? A staff of certified techs provides customers with peace of mind, because the certification reassures them that they are trusting their medication (and health) to competent people who know what they’re doing. This isn’t to say that non-certified techs aren’t competent or unaware of what they’re doing, but the certification itself provides proof to consumers that puts their mind at ease.

Pharmacy technicians are found in doctor’s offices, community pharmacies, retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, clinics, home healthcare, the military, long-term care facilities, and in other settings. They help enter prescription orders, fill prescriptions, operate dispensing systems, help manage medication therapy, and more.

The survey also says Americans frequently visit the pharmacy. 62% of respondents say they visit the pharmacy at least once a month to either pick up a prescription or get medical advice.

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