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The “can do,” the “will do” and the “fit”

  • May 13, 2009
  • RPh on the Go

At RPh on the Go, we ensure that all of our pharmacy professionals and clients are a good match. How do we do this? We work intensely with both our clients and our staff to find out what expectations each has as a prospective employer and as a staff member.

This is done by going through the process of verifying, for both client and staff, that for each placement we have the “Can Do”, the “Will Do” and the “Fit”.

The “Can Do” is validating experience level for the position you currently wish to fill. We also evaluate the individual environment of your staff opening to ensure that we find the absolute best candidate for you and that they “Can Do” the job. Not only are we validating experience levels, but we also take into account personality, career goals and past performance. When you staff your pharmacy with RPh on the Go, you can be sure that your pharmacist “Can Do” the job you require.

The “Will Do” is a more elusive evaluation. Each pharmacy has its own individual personality type, some environments require a higher level of people skills, some environments require a high energy individual who can keep up an ongoing hectic pace and some require an ability to be more assertive and proactive, perhaps supervising other staff or engaging a higher level of management skills than others.

At RPh on the Go we ensure that the pharmacy staff we place with you will have a clear understanding of the expectations of the position you are filling and we are confident that our staff “Will Do” everything you require in order to have you staffing expectations met or exceeded. We work so closely with our staff members that we always ensure that not only are we meeting your organization’s needs, but that your position is meeting the expectations of our staff as well, creating an excellent match.

The final step of our placement process is ensuring that we have a good “Fit”. This means that we select the member(s) of our staff for you that desires a schedule equal to your requirements, is interested in working in the environment you have created, and is well aware of any idiosyncrasies inherent to your individual pharmacy and is prepared to work with them for your mutual success. You can expect a seamless integration of our staff into your facility as our Career Consultants work with each pharmaceutical professional on an individual basis to ensure that both the client and the staff member are right for each other.

The best way to ensure that you have the “Can Do”, the “Will Do” and “The Fit” for your pharmacy is to come to RPh on the Go for all of your pharmacy staffing needs.

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