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The Productive Pharmacist: How to Get More Done in Your Day

  • May 16, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

productive pharmacistThe life of a pharmacist, whether clinical or retail, is a hectic one. There are so many tasks and responsibilities to be taken care of in a day, it can be hard to get it all done. Many times, you’ll walk out the door and wonder where the day went and how there could still be so much left to do on your list. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of every day behind the counter.

Start Your Day Right

Start your morning refreshed from a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast to help you power through your day. Arrive at work a few minutes early and allow yourself the time to settle in before you’re on the clock.

Organize Every Day

The first thing you should do with your day is create a to-do list and set up your necessary supplies. By taking a few minutes to get organized, you’ll prevent yourself from scrambling around later on when you have more important tasks at hand.

Delegate Non-Essential Tasks

Take a look at your to-do list and see what tasks are non-essential and can be done by someone else on your team. Offload those items to an assistant or tech and keep the more important tasks that only you can do on your list.

Prioritize the Essentials

Consider all of the items that are left on your list as being essential and prioritize them. You never know just how much time you’ll have between filling prescriptions or counseling patients, so ensuring that the most important items are taken care of first can help to boost your overall productivity.

Make Good Use of Downtime

When you have a lull in the patient flow, make sure that you are diving into your to-dos and getting as much down as you can. You never know when your next slow period might be, so take advantage of this time while you can.

Take Care of Your Own Needs First

It might sound a little cliché, but you need to look out for your own needs in order to have the energy and focus to care for your patients. Eating properly, exercising, and making time for the things you love will keep you physically and mentally prepared for your job, which will boost productivity.

Knock Out Tough Tasks First

It can be so tempting to focus on the more enjoyable tasks of the day before getting to the tough stuff. However, doing this sets you up for serious procrastination and often leaves you scrambling at the last minute to meet a deadline.

Enlist the Help of Team Members

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your co-workers are there to be a support to each other, so when your own productivity hits a slump, ask someone to give you a hand to get things back on track.

Always Double Check Your Work

Give everything you do a once-over when you’ve finished up. You’ll be more likely to catch an error and correct it before it becomes a mistake that could cause a serious problem for you or one of your patients.

Make Time for Fun

Make sure that there is time in your schedule for some fun and enjoyment. Whether you head out with friends to watch a game on TV, schedule date nights with your family, or have a show that you simply refuse to miss each week, ensuring that there is fun in your life will help prevent burnout and keep you productive.


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