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Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions & Answers

  • February 17, 2021
  • RPh on the Go

As a pharmacy technician applying for a position, you must be ready for your interview. Knowing what kind of questions are coming – and how to answer them – can make or break the conversation.

How to Prepare for a Pharmacy Technician Interview?

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand, but it is a competitive field. Performing well during your interview can be the difference between landing your dream job or going back to the drawing board. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare before meeting with potential employers.

No matter which setting you are targeting for your position – hospital, company, drug store, or stand-alone pharmacy – you should do your research. Learn the workplace’s ins and outs so that you are knowledgeable about the business and ready to have a meaningful conversation. It can impress potential employers when candidates have a solid grasp of a company’s mission, vision, and operations.

It is also essential to come up with various questions before the interview. Employers want you to ask questions, to get to know them and their business better before the interview ends. Inquiring and asking for more information shows that you care about the potential pharmacy technician job. Be specific to the company or hospital, and have an extensive list of questions ready in case some are naturally answered during the meeting.

Pharmacy technician candidates have varying levels of experience, so emphasizing your soft skills and strengths is critical. Whether your assets involve communication, organization, or reliability, you can impress employers by highlighting your skills.

Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

So, you have researched the employer and developed questions that you may ask. It is crucial to think about potential pharmacy technician interview questions and how you may answer them. Some will be general, while others will be specific to your setting and role. There is a wide range of possible questions that may arise during the exchange, but here are some likely ones with potential answers you can incorporate.

  • Q: How would you describe your ideal workplace?

A: I thrive in a team-based environment. I like to clearly understand my roles, responsibilities, and what is expected of me.

  • Q: Describe your experience handling insurance claims.

A: Insurance claims were a significant part of my previous experience as a pharmacy technician. Billing insurance companies, working with Medicare programs, and understanding covered medications and prescription costs were all part of my duties.

  • Q: How do customer service skills apply to your position as a pharmacy technician?

A: A pharmacy is a high-paced work environment focused on the customer. As one who communicates directly with customers, I need to present my best service to them.

  • Q: Where did you receive your training?

A: I attended [school name] for my pharmacy technician training and education. While I earned my degree, I learned many vital skills that have helped me immensely in my career.

  • Q: Do you have any aspirations to continue learning about pharmacology?

A: Yes. I am always open to new opportunities and to continue to grow in my field. I enjoy learning on the job as well as on my own time.

  • Q: Have you ever conflicted with a coworker or your supervising pharmacist?

A: As the pharmacy involves a lot of moving parts, I have disagreed at times. I knew to speak respectfully and calmly explain why I believed my approach was appropriate.

  • Q: What interests you about being a pharmacy technician?

A: I enjoy helping others. I know how important my role is to keep people safe and healthy and how my organizational skills and responsibility are important to the team.

  • Q: What is the most challenging part of your role?

A: The most challenging aspect of being a pharmacy technician is juggling so many responsibilities. However, this is one of my strengths, and I enjoy the challenge.

  • Q: How would you handle an upset customer?

A: I would communicate honestly and regularly, reminding them that accurate and appropriate prescriptions are critical to get right.

  • Q: How do you stay current on the latest medication and pharmacy updates?

A: I subscribe to pharmaceutical journals and belong to organizations that support pharmacy technicians. I try to learn as much as I can from my supervising pharmacist, as well.

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