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How to Become a Part of the Team as a Temp Employee

  • October 31, 2018
  • RPh on the Go

team member travel pharmacistTemporary pharmacy positions are a great way to get experience or enjoy a change of pace. For some who enjoy travel and constant change, temporary jobs are the perfect career choice. However, with all of the excitement that a new temp position brings, there is often that feeling of never becoming a real member of the team. Here are a few simple tips that can help you move smoothly into a temp position and earn yourself a real place on the team.

Do Your Homework

Take some time before starting your assignment to do a little investigation. Find out as much as you can about the company culture and the typical work environment within the company that you will be working for. That will help you to determine whether to go in with a “strictly business” attitude or whether you’ll fit in better if you keep things a little more casual.

Learn a Little About Your Co-Workers

You may want to try to keep things low key so as not to be overwhelming but do strike up conversations with the people that you’re working closely with. Do your best to remember their names and important details about their families. Share a bit about yourself, as well. You’ll begin to develop connections and increase the likelihood of being included as a real member of the team.

Familiarize Yourself with the Hierarchy

Every workplace, no matter how big or small, has a distinct pecking order. You’ll want to learn as quickly as possible where everyone stands in the proverbial food chain and position yourself correctly. Stepping on the toes of the owner’s granddaughter or unintentionally going over the head of a department head will land you in the dog house around the pharmacy pretty quickly.

Be Flexible and Helpful

Teamwork is essential to becoming a real part of the team, even if you won’t be around for long. Be ready to adjust the way you do things to conform to the company standards. Go out of your way to be helpful to co-workers, offering assistance and advice when it is welcomed. However, it’s best to take care to avoid being a know-it-all or stepping on the toes of others. When people begin to see that you are someone that they can rely on, it helps them to open up and accept you onto the team.

Stay Positive

No one likes to be around someone who spews criticism and negativity all day long. Keep a positive attitude, even under pressure and people will be naturally drawn to you. It’s so much easier to develop relationships and be accepted into the fold when you’re projecting positivity rather than bringing other people down.

Adjusting to a new temp pharmacy position isn’t always easy. However, if you go in with the right attitude and show that you want to be a contributing member of the team during your time on your assignment, you’ll fit in comfortably and develop great relationships with your co-workers.

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