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The Perks of the Pharmacy Tech’s Flexible Schedule

  • September 23, 2022
  • RPh on the Go
The Perks of the Pharmacy Tech's Flexible Schedule.

One of the greatest things about working as a pharmacy tech is that in many cases, this is one of the most flexible jobs in the healthcare industry. As pharmacies are open outside regular office hours and in some cases, 24 hours a day, pharmacy techs may often have to work evening or overnight shifts as a part of their job requirements. For some, this might be a downside, but for many, the schedule flexibility can pay off very well. Here are just a few of the perks of the pharmacy tech’s flexible schedule.

A Flexible Schedule Means More Time with Family

Pharmacy techs with young children at home can often enjoy more time with their families. On the days that they are assigned to an evening shift, they are able to spend daytime hours with their little ones. For some, this can help cut childcare costs if there is another parent in the home who works the opposite shift.

More Control Over Workflow

While the workflow of a pharmacy can vary at any given time, shifts that are later in the day are often less hectic, especially in a retail pharmacy. Pharmacy techs who like a bit of a slower pace will enjoy the evening and overnight hours, as often things slow down a bit. Those who like a faster pace of daytime hours when doctors’ offices are open and there is a steady stream of customers can request to be assigned to those shifts.

Time to Pursue Educational Advancements

Those pharmacy techs who are looking to continue their education will have an easier time scheduling class when they have the flexibility to work different shifts. Many higher education programs have coursework throughout the day and evening, so shift schedules can be adjusted to fit their course of study. This flexibility will help them to get through their workload faster and be on their way to their educational goals.

Variety of Work Responsibilities

Pharmacy techs get to perform a number of different tasks throughout the pharmacy to make everything run smoothly. Some of these responsibilities, like certain inventory and cleaning tasks, are specific to a shift. When techs are able to work a variety of flexible shifts, they will have differing jobs on their task list and will be less likely to get bored with work or burn out.

Shift Differentials

If all of these perks don’t appeal to you, maybe you’re the type who thinks more along the lines of “money talks.” In many cases, there is a shift differential for those who work evening and overnight shifts, making the flexible hours of a pharmacy tech something that brings a big advantage to your paycheck. Of course, this can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, but it is definitely a perk worth talking about.

There are lots of great reasons that the flexible hours of a pharmacy tech are something to get excited about!  As you’re searching for your next job within the industry, give positions with flexible hours a second glance. Check out all of our open pharmacy technician positions and you might just find that flexible schedules pay off for you!

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