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Blog: Pharmacy News & Industry Information - Page 56

Your go-to blog for updates in the world of pharmacy. Find pharmacy news, career tips, hiring trends and much more.
Settlements and Ongoing Investigations in Gov. Medicare Probe

A large scale investigation of Medicare fraud by pharmaceutical companies has led to a settlement with Omnicare and ongoing investigations of Johnson & Johnson and other major drug makers. The focus of the investigation is on alleged kickbacks to companies that dispense drugs in exchange for preferential treatment in the writing and filling prescriptions. The […]

FDA Targets Medication Usage Errors

This week the FDA launched a program aimed at reducing the number of injuries caused by preventable medication errors. The FDA is currently working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to come up with accurate estimates of the number of deaths due to medication misuse. A large area of concern is the possible […]

Eye Site Kiosks Used to Attract Pharmacy Customers

St. Louis based Schnucks market has recently added thirty eye site kiosks to their pharmacy department in the hopes to increase customer service and drive traffic into the pharmacies. The kiosks are designed to help determine near and distance vision using eye charts and to also provide additional information for optometrists in the area. Schnucks […]

Meth Causes Second U.S. Town to Require Scripts for Cold Meds

Union, Mo. Has just become the second town in the United States that will require a prescription for commonly used cold medications. Following in the footsteps of Washington, Mo., Union is attempting to curb the sales of cold medication to combat the town’s major problem with methamphetamine production and use. Towns across the United States […]

Generic Drug Makers Resisting Reform

The Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association (GPIA) has released a statement opposing the recently approved bill that will require them to pay substantial rebates to state and federal Medicaid programs as a part of health care reform.  The bill, which passed last week in the Senate Finance Committee, requires generic drug makers to pay $460 million […]

Rite Aid Changes Flu Shot Policy for Pregnant Women

Rite Aid drug stores have recently decided to offer flu shots to pregnant women without a prescription. Up to this point the chain has required prescriptions despite the announcements that pregnant women are a part of the priority group for seasonal and H1N1 flu shots. Although doctors recommend the shots, pregnant women traditionally have low […]

Pharmacists Asked to Eye Mefloquine Prescriptions

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an announcement to pharmacists regarding a recent number of Mefloquine prescriptions that have incorrectly instructed patients to take the 250 mg dose daily rather than weekly. Mefloquine is prescribed to treat malaria prophylaxis for individuals traveling abroad.