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Blog: Pharmacy News & Industry Information - Page 58

Your go-to blog for updates in the world of pharmacy. Find pharmacy news, career tips, hiring trends and much more.
Travel pharmacy equals job security

Since graduating pharmacy college, I soon started to appreciate politics. If you work and earn a paycheck, you too should be concern what your government is doing. Whether we like it or not, we are inundated with rules and regulation that affects us every day of our lives. I have been getting emails from other […]

Traveling Pharmacy: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

Hi. My name’s Cyrus Pacis. I’m an RPh on the Go pharmacist and will be taking over the blogging here starting today. I started with humble beginnings as a pharmacist. I once believed getting a job and staying with that job till retirement was the norm, but I found it totally not fulfilling. Complacency is […]

Feds hand down new OTC label regs

Though the GAO recently decided not to create a third-drug class for OTC medications, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a ruling that OTC pain medications made from acetaminophen and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents) need to have a new warning label regarding potential overdose complications. Although consumers view acetaminophen as relatively harmless, accidental overdose […]

Three states roll out auto-dispensing units

Most recently tested in Vermont but also used in areas of Alaska and Montana, automatic dispensing units are increasing the flexibility of consumers to pick up their prescriptions. The machines allow a pharmacist in one location to dispense medications for patients over larger geographical areas. The operation of the machines depends first on a pharmacist […]

IL Pharmacists Win Delay in Conscience Case

An Illinois judge is enacting a temporary rule that two pharmacists who have religious objections cannot be forced to dispense the “morning after pill”. The pharmacists object to the use of the pill because they believe its use is comparable to abortion. The judge issued a restraining order that allows the two (who own a […]