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Blog: Pharmacy News & Industry Information - Page 4

Your go-to blog for updates in the world of pharmacy. Find pharmacy news, career tips, hiring trends and much more.
5 Pharmacy Apps You Need to Know

In this highly technological era, it seems that there is an app for everything. Within the pharmacy, there are many phone apps that can provide useful information with just a few simple taps of a screen, letting you save time when counseling patients, tracking medication deliveries, and even communicating more clearly with your patients. Much […]

Preparing for Your First Travel Pharmacy Job

Congratulations! You’ve just landed your first job as a travel pharmacist! You’ve received your assignment in an exciting new location and you’re ready to pack your bags and hit the road. Right? Not so fast! Preparing for your first travel pharmacy job takes a little bit of work. You’ll want to be sure that you […]

5 Simple Ways to Build Trust with Your Patients

As in all medical professions, building trust with those you serve is one of the biggest responsibilities of a pharmacist. As a leader in the pharmacy, you must ensure that your entire team is doing their part to create a solid reputation for your company as a knowledgeable, friendly, caring corporation that has the community’s […]

When Is It Acceptable to Refuse to Fill a Prescription?

Recently, a pharmacist made national news after refusing to fill a prescription for a patient. In this particular situation, the drug in question was being used in lieu of a D&C to end a failed pregnancy. The physician, stating personal beliefs, refused to dispense the prescribed medication. In this particular case, he was within his […]

Important Pharmacy Leadership Skills You Should Build Daily

Many people think of pharmacy positions as task-related jobs, filling prescriptions and answering questions from patients as they pick up their medication. Even when pursuing a degree, leadership skills simply aren’t an educational focus for most pharmacy students. But many quickly realize that they really do need those skills and feel lost as to how […]